Maddie Wall in her design Maddie Wall in her design CREDIT: supplied
Jane Boyle at NZ Fashion Week Jane Boyle at NZ Fashion Week CREDIT: Michael Ng

Design Stars Supreme Winner From Rangi Ruru Girls' School

Wednesday 9 August 2017, 5:51PM
By RedPR


16 year old Rangi Ruru student Jane Boyle has won her section (Fashion, Years 10-13) and is the Supreme Winner of the New Zealand Brother Design Stars competition.

This year, 12 finalists (6x fashion and 6x craft) were chosen from across the country.

Jane was phoned in Science class last week and told the news. TVNZ's The Adam and Eve Show recorded the call to play back on the show today (Weds). Jane flew up to Auckland with her mother the next day for a photoshoot, all the while having to keep the news secret.

Rangi Ruru student Maddie Wall, also 16 years old, was one of the top three finalists for the Fashion Years 10-13 category and has won some great prizes and her garment (made of paper towels) will also be shown in the Graduate Show supported by Brother.

Rangi Ruru Head of Textile Technology, Esther Lindsay, says the judges described the entries from Rangi Ruru as being “of a very high quality”.

“It’s incredibly exciting for these girls, in fact we are all pretty excited by this news,” says Mrs Lindsay. “There’ll be some big names and a lot of fashion people seeing Maddie and Jane’s designs.”

Jane will present her design in Auckland tonight, in the Years 10-13 section.




Garment descriptions:

Jane Boyle

My style icon is the eccentric and unique Iris Apfel.  She helped to inspire me and push past my boundaries and incorporate technique, colour and texture all into one jacket –she commonly wears a show-stopping jacket with all of her outfits. Iris Apfel is a 21st-century icon, who continues to bring liveliness and colour into her everyday wardrobe despite her age.

In my own garment, I tried to incorporate her colour, texture and use of pattern in all her own clothing into my own garment. My garment turns heads from the handmade tassels, mosaic leather and silver denim back to braided front, every element of this jacket steals the show no matter what angle you see it from.

I used many recycled materials in the construction of my garment, from the worn red leather base to the individual coloured leather pieces. I handmade each and every one of the tassels covering the sleeve and hand braided and cut the front panels of the jacket.


Maddie Wall

My style icon David Bowie uses colorful fabrics, amazing texture and shape to create a unique piece of clothing that not many other people would wear in public.

I will be pulling these three features from David Bowies clothing to use in my garment this year. David Bowie was most famous for his song “Space Oddity” in 1969 this was the start of his career but also the start of being known for the out of the box garments he wears. I wanted my garment to have a unique texture and shape as these help the garment to stand out of the crowd. The colour was also very important to me as I wanted it to be the first thing you look at when you walk into a room.

This is how my garment is show stopping - at first glance the fabric I used for my garment resembles sort of a pleather look, when in fact I made the fabric myself. I first used paper towels and marbling dye to create the marbled effect and waited for these to dry. Then I bonded the paper towels to a cotton fabric using vliesofix. Finally, as my garment wasn’t very waterproof I decided that I needed to put a glaze over top, this is when I found self-leveling gel which I poured on top of the fabric to give it a nice, glazed finish. Most people wouldn’t think to create a garment out of paper towels but I did and I think it’s pretty show stealing.