Liam Morrison Liam Morrison CREDIT: Supplied

Community Board Supports Youth to Grow and Be The Best They Can Be

Monday 18 September 2017, 11:53AM
By RedPR


Burnside High School Year 10 Student Liam Morrison had an amazing experience on the Spirit of New Zealand, assisted by a grant from the Papanui Innes Community Board.

The young Papanui resident spoke to the community board at their 15th Sept meeting and thanked them for the support. He also thanked his mum who told him about the voyages the Adventure Trust runs for young people.

“I hadn’t heard of them before. I found out they do two types of voyages, Youth Development Voyages and Year 10 Trophy Voyages and did the Year 10 one,” says Liam.

Some of the things Liam learnt included jumping from a yard swing, climbing up and down masts and working with different people in a team.

“I only knew one person on the voyage and now I have some great new friends. Being naturally quite shy I think I have come out of my shell more and definitely built up my confidence,” he says.

Liam recommends others do the voyage to learn new things and meet new people.

“I also got a week off school so that was pretty cool too.”