Blackline Safety's G7 Lone Worker Alarm Blackline Safety's G7 Lone Worker Alarm CREDIT: Blackline Safety

Lone Worker safety improved with Entec's new Blackline G7

Monday 25 September 2017, 4:56PM
By Pixi

Auckland-based Entec, a provider of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and gas detection solutions, is launching Blackline Safety’s G7 Lone Worker “Man Down” Alarm to the New Zealand market this month.   

Entec is the New Zealand distributor for Blackline Safety, a specialist manufacturer of lone worker monitoring and alarm instruments based in Calgary, Canada.

Individuals working alone – often referred to as lone workers, pose particular safety challenges for companies. For example, if a worker is injured or incapacitated during an event they would be unable to raise the alarm. Secondly, if others are made aware of an emergency, how will they locate the incapacitated individual? 

The advent of GPS enabled smart phones has helped; however, a phone is no use if its operator is unable to dial out. Additionally, many lone workers operate in remote locations where cell phone coverage is unavailable.

The new Blackline G7 GPS lone worker tracking alarm tackles these very issues.

 The purpose-built lone worker alarm device provides the best functionality and connectivity to protect individuals who are working alone. The Blackline G7 is small, portable and designed to be worn on person.

The Blackline G7 will broadcast an alarm signal in a number of different scenarios. If the user pushes the “panic button”, if the unit detects an impact (such as fall or vehicle crash), if the unit detects prolonged lack of motion (indicating medical incapacitation) or if the optional gas detection cartridge detects gas above alarm point.

Blackline Safety monitors all of their devices around the world from their Calgary headquarters. The contact centre will attempt to communicate with the unit’s user by voice or text, and will then alert the user’s workplace or emergency responders when appropriate. Alternatively, customers can choose to monitor their own fleet of devices.

In New Zealand, The Blackline G7 is connected to either cellular networks (both Spark and Vodafone for maximum coverage), or can be connected by satellite if cellular coverage is not available.

“The most recent Health and Safety in the Workplace legislation obliges organisations to take every practicable step to safeguard the safety and well-being of its people. A vast number of industries and occupations involve Lone Workers, which present their own unique set of challenges for safety monitoring. This Blackline G7 unit is an excellent means of keeping your people connected and well looked after when they are working alone.”