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Shade7 Cantilever Umbrella Featured on The Block NZ
Thursday 12 October 2017, 7:56PM
By Beckie Wright

The Block NZ ended on a slightly contraversial note, but that didn’t take away from the hard work put in by all the contestants. Side x Side contestants Stace and Yanita featured Shade7's Horizon cantilever umbrella on their roof terrace, allowing them great flexibility.

The Block NZ has now finished its sixth season of the show, titled Side x Side as four teams renovated their semi-detached terraced houses. Shade7 are proud to have sponsored a challenge this year, through their luxury outdoor furniture brand OceanWeave.

Shade7’s outdoor furniture brand OceanWeave sponsored the famous plank challenge where the winners were entitled to $10,000 of outdoor furniture for their homes. The winners of the challenge, Andy and Nate graciously shared their winnings with the other teams, offering them $2,000 each from the prize. The teams could utilise the prize for their roof terrace, the key outdoor area of their homes.

Friends from Palmerston North, Stace and Yanita took the boys up on their generous offer and chose to spend it on an outdoor cantilever umbrella from Shade7. The girls chose a Horizon cantilever umbrella in a popular canopy colour, Charcoal Tweed. This outdoor cantilever umbrella is an ideal way of offering shade in a flexible manner. The Horizon cantilever umbrella has been cleverly designed to rotate a full 360 degrees and also be titled to sevem different angles, which allows you to adjust the umbrella to offer the most shade as the sun moves throughout the day. Additionally the base they chose has wheels making it moveable to any position. Should you choose to want shade elsewhere, or re-arrange your outdoor space, the Horizon cantilever umbrella gives you such flexibility.

Stace and Yanita describe their décor style as “minimalistic, geometric, colourful and eclectic”, and they featured a bold blue colour, alongside grey tones, which the charcoal tweed Horizon cantilever umbrella blends well into. The octagonal shape of the umbrella also lends well to their geometric style. The girls were awarded the highest marks from the judges, along with twins Julia and Ali. The twins however had a special -2-game changer and were able to deduct two points from Stace and Yanita, giving themselves the win.

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