7 Easy Steps to Enhance ROI by Leveraging Data into Your Marketing Strategy

Wednesday 8 November 2017, 4:58AM
By Grace themes


Digital marketing is the essence of any business without which you can never expect a handsome ROI. The trends following the digital marketing have changed a lot over a couple of years. A lot more new features have been roped in such as analyzing social data and marketing automation. The new features are more focused towards leveraging ROI to its maximum extent. ROI i.e. return on Investment is actually assessing your business profits. It is calculated by dividing net income earned by net efforts made (worth). The worth or expenses are from your expenditure on ads and other similar things. Even the simplest of marketplace WordPress theme requires a channelized leveraging of data so as to maximize ROI. Make sure to keep recording the actual figures or data. Here are 7 very easy and quick steps to boost your ROI.

1. The realistic Data
The meaning of data analysis has taken a turn. You don’t need to conduct those boring surveys to have the real data captured. There are various other means by which relevant data can be tapped.  The actual audience can be well tapped from social media websites, from the reviews and testimonials of the business, your  electronic database (ERP, CRM etc), email campaigns etc. 

2. Simple analysis of business trends
Just check what people like the most. Make sure to note down the points/features which contribute maximum in the conversion ratios. But in case your visitors are tending to shop from your competitor’s website, why is this happening? Keep a check on the website bounce rates. Also, some other data can easily be tapped such as recommendation from clients, their reviews, comments etc which can help you get a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses and improving on them can certainly increase your ROI.

3. Analytical tools
Planning to make a marketplace website, you can easily download a responsive marketplace WordPress theme from the official website. There are many plugins available or some tools which make the marketing process completely automated. When a visitor visits your website while looking for any product, he leaves certain footprints which can be utilized to tap the data. These can be the keywords on Google form which he has found you, the searches made on the website itself or any click performed on a promotional email etc. 

4. Social Media: the ultimate source of rich data
Now we need to accept the fact that consumers make or break a brand and it’s the consumers who control the media indeed. It has been seen that many small brands that cannot make their existence into the social media world turn up to be failures. But on the other hands many uncommon brands, establish themselves as leaders with good social media followers.  Social media is no longer a mode of entertainment; rather we tend to check any product’s social media page before buying. Isn’t it?

5. Responsive Designs
It has been seen that websites which do not show properly on mobile devices are rejected by people. So it is mandatory to have a responsive website to make the conversions from mobile traffic. A mobile friendly websites attracts more traffic and ensures better brand commitment. 

6. Content according to audience
Ensure that the content you are writing justifies both the customers and your business. It should not be such that in a cooking website you are offering parenting related content. If this is so, probably you may lose your old clients too.

7. Keep your data focused and vivid
Any method you follow, apart from the real data there will definitely more of it generated. Make sure that you organize or arrange them in proper channel and categorize it. Make sure to have a deep check on all the scenarios regarding ROI. 

These are just a few. So try these data tips on your marketplace WordPress theme and track your data as well as progress. Good Luck!!