Rise in Demand for Machinery Drivers and Operators

Monday 4 December 2017, 12:08PM
By Beckie Wright

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has reported that the number of jobs advertised online for machinery drivers and operators experienced a near 30% increase when compared to May last year.

Careers NZ confirms this – job opportunities for Earthmoving Machine Operator is now at ‘Good’ on the Poor-Average-Good spectrum, owing to the fact that many large roading and construction projects are currently underway all over the country.

Earthmoving machine operators are essential in the construction business as they operate large earthmoving vehicles such as bulldozers, graders, or excavators. Operating heavy machinery requires specific license endorsements, including undergoing an approved course that teaches specialist knowledge and skills relating to driving special-type vehicles safely on the road.

This large increase in demand for employment is in line with New Zealand’s construction boom. MBIE now predicts it to peak in 2020, instead of the previous prediction of it peaking this year. This is confirmed to be the longest, strongest construction growth phase the country has ever seen.

The many factors contributing to the country’s construction boom include increasingly popular tourism, a steady growth in New Zealand’s population, and continuous earthquake strengthening activity for non-residential buildings.

The industry is now looking across the seas to accommodate the building boom’s want for more skilled workers. Recently, the Look See Build NZ campaign was launched to attract 20,000 construction professionals of varying specialties. Registered Master Builders chief executive David Kelly admits his industry has failed to train enough local apprentices to fill the void that currently exists.

NZ Earthmovers seeks to help fill the gap locally, employing an expert team of earthmoving contractors specialising in wet land development and residential siteworks. If you are looking for truck, trailer or excavator hire, NZ Earthmovers has the quality workmanship and the wide range of heavy machinery suited for any earthwork job.