Get Your Xmas Order In Now From Seasoned & Dressed

Wednesday 13 December 2017, 8:09PM
By Beckie Wright

Seasoned & Dressed cater right up until the 22nd of December, but they urge customers to get their orders in now, as they are busier than they have ever been with their Xmas menus. Just email for a copy of the menu. (Their seasonal menu is also available alongside their Xmas menu).

Wellington is very fortunate to have a prestigious catering company in the form of Seasoned & Dressed, to help you with those last minute Xmas contingencies.  

 Established by Laurence and Trish Benson in 2005, Seasoned & Dressed is a Wellington based gourmet catering company renowned for exquisite food and excellent service, with a very impressive list of loyal clients. These clients have grown to trust Seasoned & Dressed’s extensive expertise, and are especially happy with the superb service. Seasoned & Dressed also tailor their menus to suit their clients’ requirements, and their large range of gluten free and dairy free items ensure that their fabulous food can be enjoyed by everyone.

Seasoned & Dressed use the best seasonal foods for any occasion, and they cater to anyone who takes their food seriously. They provide delicious food to corporate occasions, executive dinners, film crews, private functions, fine dining occasions and large buffets. They also supply canapés and beverages, and can provide staff and equipment if required.

They are well known for using their skills and resources to help their community, and believe that running a business is about looking after their clients, staff and the community, and contributing to good causes. They also contribute food to The House of Grace, The Salvation Army and provide daily donations to feed the homeless, as well as contribute to other worthy charities.

In the event of a major disaster — Seasoned & Dressed have implemented systems with the Salvation Army Emergency Services sector and Wellington Police in order to provide large scale back up meals to feed the Emergency Services.

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