Glenbrook Machinery Give 6 Ways an Avant Loader Can Make Your Life Easier

Thursday 14 December 2017, 5:54PM
By Beckie Wright

Did you know that an Avant Loader can get more done at a faster pace, saving you time and money on the building site? It is a superb multi-purpose machine on construction sites and a great alternative to a skid steer or wheel loader. This compact 4WD loader has excellent rough terrain capabilities and can easily handle and transport loose materials, timber, pallets and big bags on sites that other conventional material haulers are too large for.

Firstly, an Avant Loader will cut down the time on every job, and combined with the various attachments is ideal for construction sites and can do the job of three or four people. Secondly, the telescopic off-centre boom enables further reach and allows for greater lifting height and outreach than a conventional or skid steer loader.

The third way an Avant Loader can make your life easier is you can work without causing damage to delicate ground. The articulated chassis and low weight means minimal damage to delicate ground. Because they are 4WD they are excellent for all types of rough terrain. The fourth reason to use an Avant Loader is to give your back a break, and the fifth reason is it is so compact and easy to transport. Avant Loaders are light and compact enough to put on the back of a truck or trailer. Finally, the Avant Loader is incredibly versatile – one machine does it all with the ability to perform many tasks with one machine.

The site mobility an Avant Loader provides leads to potentially large reductions in labour requirements and increased work rates. Simply put, it saves time and money. An Avant Loader provides one platform for a range of tasks and reduces the number of machines required on site, be they owned or hired by the contractor. This is the machine every construction site needs.

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