New Zealand Crime Check: An Overview of Theft from Vehicles

Wednesday 3 January 2018, 3:08PM
By Manawatu Autoglass & Glazing


Theft from vehicles is the fourth most common crime committed by Kiwis. From July 2014 to December 2016, 82,442 people in New Zealand reported that their cars were broken into and stolen from, according to a report by the New Zealand Herald.

Crime Watch: Theft from Vehicle

The majority of theft from vehicle reports state the exact time and day of the break-in could not be determined and was not recorded by police. However, for the reports that a time and date could be verified, vehicles were most often broken into at around 2:00pm on a Saturday. The Auckland city police district recorded the most theft from vehicle break-ins followed by Waitemata, Canterbury and Manukau.

A recent survey showed that 72 percent of people who had their vehicles broken into had valuables stolen by thieves. Thieves proceed to break a vehicle’s windscreen when they see valuable items visible in the car. The most popular stolen items are cash, handbags, laptops, tablets, navigation devices, clothing and car radios.

To avoid a break in from happening, Auckland police highly recommend car owners always make sure their valuables are out of sight in open areas inside a vehicle. However, for the people who have been a victim of a break in, they should repair their windscreens right away for their vehicle not to be an easy target for thieves. Placing a temporary cover such as a cardboard or plastic covering may attract thieves to break in again.

Repairing Windscreens

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