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'Overlanding' With Viva Expeditions
Friday 12 January 2018, 8:31PM
By Beckie Wright

The main idea of modern overlanding, for tourism purposes, is simply to travel by road through a chosen country, rather than fly from hub to hub. It’s a special kind of travel, this overlanding business, one which places a most definite highlight on the journey rather than the destination, and is all about what you experience in between all those famous spots you came to see, especially in South America.

Overlanding turns any trip into an adventure expedition, and South America is the ideal overlanding destination and the fact that the continent boasts a ‘Gringo Trail’ – a very defined overlanding tourist route – is testament to the fact. Given the fact that there is so much to see and do in every country, especially compact ones like Peru, Chile and Bolivia, it actually makes more sense to cover distances by road, rather than plane.

At Viva Expeditions, they appreciate the fact that this may be the South America trip you’ve been dreaming your whole life, and you don’t want to go home disappointed. Moreover, their itineraries are actually designed to be changed, to be personalised, to be moulded into a unique journey that’s tailor-made for you. Because no two groups of people are ever the same, so why would anyone assume they’d enjoy the same trip? Tailor-made itineraries based on Viva Expeditions’ experienced knowledge, taking into consideration your most fervent wishes are what they do best.

Overlanding allows you to get off the tourist path, to drive remote areas with fewer people, to see nature at its best and authentic villages at their quietest. You don’t always stop at restaurants for lunch, you’ll make your own on the side of the road, or the edge of a mountain, or the shores of a startling lake. You can camp and lodge along the way, you can shop for food in local markets and you can visit places many tourists simply never get to see.

Viva Expeditons own their own trucks and have designed them with fewer seats and more leg room for your comfort. They’ve installed heating and even installed an on-board toilet, the only company in the whole continent with ensuite trucks!

Viva Expeditions  are your South American specialists and the best travel companions you’ll want along for the overlanding ride.

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