Rangi Ruru Musicians Start the Year On The Right Note

Sunday 11 February 2018, 8:15PM

By RedPR


Successful Rangi Ruru Musicians
Successful Rangi Ruru Musicians Credit: Supplied


Congratulations to the following girls who have successfully auditioned as members of the 2018 NZ Secondary Schools’ Symphony Orchestra. 

They will meet with other talented instrumentalists from all over New Zealand during the April term break for rehearsals and concerts.

1st violins                     Yuna Chon, Sarah Lawrence, Emily Davey, Lucy Costelloe 

2nd violins                    Rachel McSweeney (section leader) 

Viola                            Victoria Park, Rebecca Harris

Cello                            Eugene In (section leader)

Flute                            Pippa Lange

Oboe                           Adelina Orwin (section leader), Amy Clough.


Also, congratulations also to the following girls who gained their diplomas at the end of last year.  These are professional level qualifications.

Valerie Xiang              ARSM, with distinction (organ)

Yuna Chon                  ATCL, with distinction (violin)

Victoria Park               ATCL (piano)

Sarah Lawrence         Performers’ Certificate, with distinction (piano)


Rangi Ruru’s Director of Music, Janet Kingsbury says the school’s Stellar Programme continues to support and nurture exceptional musical talent at Rangi Ruru and this is clear in the outstanding talent and dedication she is seeing in the students.

“Our innovative and personalised programme enhances current music opportunities through offering masterclasses and workshops with mentors to inspire and engage young musicians. Stellar also offers a number of new scholarships and grants which students are taking up,” she says. “We see talent in our young musicians that is a given in older professional musicians with much more experience.”

Stellar patron, Dame Malvina Major, said when the programme was launched in 2016, “a programme such as this inspires students to do their best and strive to achieve excellence. Having access to like-minded musicians, who are leaders in their field, is incredibly valuable, helping a student to grow their musical talent.”