Pile Driving Contractors –Ensure Sound Pile Foundations with Pile Driving Done Right

Monday 12 February 2018, 12:05PM
By Waikato Post Ramming


Pile foundations allow for the construction of structures despite the insufficient bearing capacity of soil. Through pile foundation, zones with poor soil characteristics can be used, allowing for themaximisation of space in the area. Pile foundations also make the construction of heavy multi-storeyed buildings feasible.

A key to sound pile foundation is proper pile driving. With professional pile driver operators, problems such as cracking and steelhead deformation can be prevented. Playing an important role in the integrity and safety of a building, the advantage of having professional pile driving contractors in Waikato is clear and unquestionable.

Waikato Post Ramming is a foundation specialist with over 30 years of experience in retaining walls, foundation drilling and pile driving in the Bay of Plenty. The company’s skilled team can handle complex equipment for pile driving and excavation.

Professionally working with other contractors is a key strength of Waikato Post Ramming’s staff. In its decades of service, the company’s personnel have efficiently worked with contractors from large commercial enterprises, construction forms and residential developers.

The team at Waikato Post Ramming can work with timber poles, steel I-beams and other types of piling. Their operators are experienced in a wide range of machineries, such as tractors, excavators and bobcat-mounted piling machines.

Waikato Post Ramming is an expert in all types of pile driving. If you require expert pile driving contractors, you can contact them on 027 632 0853 or e-mail them at They service the Bay of Plenty area and the greater Waikato region.

Waikato Post Ramming also offers professional retaining wall construction services and foundation drilling. They customise their service to the clients’ needs, putting customer relations and client satisfaction at the forefront of their business.

Visit their website at to find out more about their specialist foundation services for the residential, commercial and civil sectors.