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Get the sweet taste of Hong Kong delicacies with Newmarket, Auckland, desert bar, Bubbles. CREDIT: Media PA

Get the sweet taste of Hong Kong delicacies with Newmarket, Auckland, desert bar, Bubbles.
Monday 12 March 2018, 1:20PM
By Media PA

Since November 2017, Newmarket desert bar Bubbles, has been bringing the delicious treats and flavours of Hong Kong to New Zealanders.

The family-owned store is the perfect blend of two cultures coming together, Bubbles is owned and run by Shauna and Chris Carleton. Chris comes from Hong Kong and Shauna from New Zealand, they decided to open their own café after eating gai daan jaiin (egg waffle) Hong Kong.

“We decided. if you can't get to Hong Kong we will bring Hong Kong to New Zealand,” says Shauna.

A celebration of Asian deserts, Bubbles has a delicious range of Hong Kong Bubble Waffles, Bubble Tea, Ice Cream, HK Milk Tea, Tea and Coffee, Frappe, HK French Toast, Muffins and Brownies.

An absolute must try at Bubbles is the Hong Kong Egg Waffles. Hong Kong Egg Waffles are a sweet, waffle-like batter is cooked in a special mould. The end result is a waffle with crisp edges and soft oval “bubbles” which can be easily broken off for snacking.

“We make our waffles fresh each day using quality ingredients,” comments Shauna. Bubbles who has put her own spin on the traditional egg waffle by adding ice cream, fresh fruit and a variety of other toppings and sauces.

For a delicious drink on the go, it’s hard to go past Bubble Tea. Bubble Tea is made by blending a tea base with milk, fruit and fruit juices, then adding the iconic tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom. These delicious infusions can be served either piping hot or iced cold, making a yummy and quirky drink that also doubles as a snack!

Ideal for International students, students, those who use public transport, animal lovers or anyone with a sweet tooth, Bubbles have a wonderful range of food and drink options which means there something for everyone to enjoy.

This is also one of a few pet friendly stores! You might even see Shauna and Chris’s adorable pet pug called Obi.

Contact Bubbles:
Phone: 021 414 080
Address: 34 Remuera Road, Newmarket, Auckland, 1050


Contact MediaPA:

Phone: 0274 587 724







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