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Tips For Real Estate Agents From Meth Testing NZ
Friday 13 April 2018, 8:08PM
By Beckie Wright

Meth Testing NZ are offering their top tips for smarter, more efficient testing decisions in the hopes they’ll save time and money for real estate agents. These tips are applicable to all areas of the property industry so they encourage property managers and real estate agents to share them with their clients. 

 Primarily, you need to test, and decontaminate if required, before a property goes to market, as it’s a lot easier to be on the front foot and resolve a contamination issue with a property off the market. As meth testing becomes more popular for pre-purchase, clients have found the marketing and sale process is so much easier if you’re not having to pull a property from the market because of decontamination. Meth Testing NZ are starting to see real estate agencies have this conversation with their vendors more and more which is great.

One of the biggest issues with pre-purchase sampling is when a property has been recently renovated. Sampling a newly decorated property is difficult and if there are no original surfaces available, and sampling on new paint is the only option, the result may give a false negative (paint can hide contamination which may eventually leach through).

Ideally if a property can be sampled prior to the painting, the vendors can show proof of what the levels are under the paint layer. Meth Testing NZ’s technicians will always aim to find original surfaces in newly renovated properties but if they are ever in a position where only new paint surfaces can be sampled, this will be noted on the Field Technician’s report.

If you’re unsure about what testing option best suits you, get in touch with Meth Testing NZ for a free phone consultation, and for more information on P contamination testing, P testing Auckland and P testing NZ please go to . INDEX