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Seven Reasons to Stay at Crusoe's Retreat in Fiji CREDIT: Media PA

Seven Reasons to Stay at Crusoe's Retreat in Fiji
Thursday 7 June 2018, 11:13AM
By Media PA

WELCOME TO Crusoe’s Retreat, a leading travel and tourist destination in the Fiji Islands. With a wide variety of unique attributes and experiences to offer, the Resort has a multitude of good reasons to make this the location for your next international getaway including:

1: World Beneath the Waves

Whether you’re an experienced diver, a first-timer looking to learn, or simply wish to explore the azure waters of the Coral Coast, Crusoe’s can provide. Dive Crusoe’s offers an on-site dive centre with instructors qualified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), giving guests the opportunity to learn snorkelling and scuba-diving and the coast itself is an amazing location to witness the natural vibrancy of the coral reefs teeming with ocean life.

2: A Place for Everyone

Crusoe’s Retreat is “Fiji’s best-kept secret” - dedicated to maintaining a great visitor experience. At the Retreat, they “stick to what we know”, aiming to give an affordable, refreshing and authentic Fijian holiday experience to their guests. This makes it ideal for everything from corporate retreats and team building activities, to wedding receptions and parties, or just a weekend away.

3: Escape from the World

Crusoe’s Retreat is just that – a sanctuary. Nestled along the gleaming waters of Somosomo Bay the retreat is secluded and private, while still offering all the premium facilities and activities one could want or need from a resort. Access to modern technological distractions, such as internet, radio and television, is deliberately limited. This provides a chance to “get off the grid” and plug into nature instead - go old-school and enjoy classic relaxing Fijian hospitality.

4: A New Look

Priding themselves on having a keen ear for customer feedback, the managers have gone the extra mile and “invested in both the place and the people”. Recent additions to the Retreat include the fresh food restaurant and cocktail bar, Taki Beach Bar and Grill, a 22-seat spa pool and enhanced beauty and massage facility. The sea view bures have been rejuvenated by recent maintenance and will continue to be refurbished in the coming months. The standards of food and customer service are higher than ever.

5: Culture of Fiji

With less access to modern technology, the retreat provides an opportunity for guests to truly immerse themselves in Fijian culture and customs, visit the neighbouring village, and soak up the relaxing scenery of the islands without the distraction of a screen. Fijian cultural activities are readily available, allowing guests to learn more about the traditions of the friendliest place in the world!

6: Romance and Intimacy

Off the beaten track, the Retreat is private and intimate, perfect for a traditional Fijian marriage, honeymoon, or simply a deluxe holiday excursion with one’s significant other, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The spacious accommodation comes equipped with king-sized beds and hammocks,  topped off with a breath-taking ocean view perfect for alighting or reigniting romances.

7: Adventure on the House

Many forms of fun come free at the retreat. A wide variety of complimentary activities are on offer, including swimming, kayaking and nature walks. The locals are always keen for a bit of beach volleyball, and the Fiji-based cultural activities on offer are extensive. Whether guests want to learn to weave, cook, speak or sing like a Fijian, well they can’t make you sound like a beautiful Fijian voice, but they can certainly teach you the songs! It’s all on offer and won’t cost a dime!


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