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New Content Marketing Platform Launches

Wednesday 13 June 2018, 3:04PM
By Contento

Contento is a new platform that lets brands offer content to media and blogs.

It simplifies the distribution of content for brands, letting them offer articles, videos and infographics to a number of reputable publishers. By removing the painful outreach process, it allows brands to focus on what matters - writing high quality guest posting articles. This helps brands build their SEO by through high quality backlinks, increase their exposure with the publishers readership while also increasing their brand credibility.

For blogs and media it acts as an additional revenue source while helping to increase traffic through high quality content from real brands. Each piece of content offered to a Contento publisher is unique, there is no duplicate content or press releases allowed. This allows the publisher more relevant content on their site with less resource.

Contento also works with agencies to simplify the outreach and publishing process for their clients. Find out more on the Contento website.