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Lottoland offering NZ$688 million Special Jackpot on US Powerball
Tuesday 10 July 2018, 11:48AM
By Beckie Wright

Online lottery provider Lottoland are exclusively offering a Special Jackpot on the US Powerball, meaning that anyone who uses Lottoland to play the US Powerball before Sunday the 22nd of July 2018 is eligible to win an amount much larger than the official jackpot.

Anyone looking up the US Powerball jackpot amount on other sites will see a different, lower number than the $688 million and counting that Lottoland is offering. This is because Lottoland is the only lottery provider in the world that offers Special Jackpots, where they can add millions and millions to a lottery jackpot amount in an exclusive offer for players betting online through Lottoland.

Special Jackpots are often run to coincide with special holidays or events, and every time there’s no winner, Lottoland add to the jackpot, meaning that Special Jackpots can reach two, three, or even four times bigger than the official jackpot amount! Lottoland are exclusively able to provide these Special Jackpots, and always pay the winnings directly to the winner with a guarantee that they’ll be paying out, as they are fully willing to take on the financial risk of offering such a large jackpot.

With last month bringing the largest online gaming win of all time as a 36 year-old German cleaner swept up a record $150 million playing EuroJackpot through Lottoland, there’s never better been a better time to ride the train of luck and play the US Powerball today!

Anyone interested in playing the US Powerball online and having the chance to win a $688 million Special Jackpot, or playing other lotteries such as Keno 24/7, MegaMillions and EuroMillions, and Cash4Life, can visit Lottoland online today at Lottoland’s Special Jackpot on the US Powerball is only running until the 22nd of July, meaning that there’s less than three weeks left to choose your numbers and get a chance at becoming the largest online gaming winner of all time!