Chrysalis Group Enrols 1000th Child Into Award-Winning Child Care Centres

Thursday 16 August 2018, 12:26PM

By Beckie Wright


Chrysalis Group is proud to announce that they’ve enrolled the 1000th child into their award-winning child care centres – a dream of a number since their first centre opened eight years ago in 2010.

The Chrysalis Group boasts four award-winning centres in the north island of New Zealand, with Chrysalis Early Learning Centre, Magic Kingdom Childcare and Milky Way Childcare in Auckland and the newly renovated Fern Garden Preschool in Tauranga. These centres have been bestowed with a total of twelve national awards and accolades to date.  

Dr Darius Singh, Director of Chrysalis Group with Owner-Operator wife Nikeeta Singh, expresses this new achievement, saying: “[This is] a real dream come true when that number was nowhere near our language or sights when we first started.

We follow the Japanese philosophy of "Kaizen" which means improvements in small steps, and after this achievement, it's a good reminder that this all happened with a whole lot of number ones - where each child is always number one to us, just as they are to their mums and dads.”

Nikeeta and Darius have always wanted to set Chrysalis child care centres apart from any other, setting a sharp focus on designing both the physical and functional learning environments for their children. All four centres are carefully and intricately designed to impact every child’s development and provide enriching learning experiences.  

Due to their passion and commitment to providing the best in quality early childhood education, the Chrysalis Group is not only awarded with local and international accolades, they are also trusted by hundreds of families within their respective neighbourhoods. Many children love being in Chrysalis daycares, both past and present, which has led them to enrol the 1000th child under their care.

For more information on Chrysalis Group’s child care centres, call them now at 0508 PRESCHOOL or visit the website at