Chrysalis Group's four early learning centres Invites Colleague's Children to Spend the Day in Their Centres During Nationwide Primary Teacher's Strike

Thursday 16 August 2018, 12:36PM

By Beckie Wright


As union primary school teachers put down their tools to strike for a great cause, many children are stranded and parents are at a loss as to how to spend the strike day. Chrysalis Childcare, Magic Kingdom Childcare, Milky Way Childcare and Fern Garden Preschool have, however, invited all of their staff to have their children spend the day with them at work for the day.

On Wednesday, 15th of August, all Chrysalis Group staff will be spending the day at their respective centres with their primary-aged children and grandchildren (under direct supervision of qualified ECE managers and team leaders who are not normally in ratio today). Their primary school kids will be able to observe, participate, and hopefully gain some lifelong memories with the same impact and influence that the Chrysalis teachers have on so many young lives each day.

The family visitors are getting welcomed to experience the best day that Chrysalis centres can offer, letting them join in on morning tea, lunch (perhaps some special treats just for them), fun activities, and letting them even host a mat time where the big kids can gain some "story telling" skills and talk to the little kids about their exciting world out there at “big school.”

Chrysalis managers and leadership were more than happy to come to the rescue and assist their colleagues' and parents' stranded kids due to strike action by primary schools. The centres' owners and directors Nikeeta Singh and Dr Darius Singh believe that this is a great opportunity for their colleague’s children to see their parents in action, making a huge difference to preschoolers each day.

“I remember the day when I was [ten] or so, having to spend a day off at De La Salle College in Mangere, where my Dad has been teaching for 45 years,” Darius says. “Spending that day out and around the school and in his classes gave me a unique and memorable insight into his life’s passion and commitment and his chosen profession of teaching.”

“Hopefully, like in my case, we can instil lifelong memories of that one special day when they got to see for themselves just how important and special [their parents’ and grandparents’] job really is.”

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