One of Jenny Gillies' Daffodil Costumes One of Jenny Gillies' Daffodil Costumes CREDIT: Neil Macbeth

Jenny Gillies' Enchanted Garden Supporting Daffodil Day With Free Entry and a New Daff Costume

Thursday 23 August 2018, 8:07AM
By RedPR


Entrance to costume designer Jenny Gillies’ Enchanted Garden Exhibition in the Botanic Gardens, is free from tomorrow (24th August) until August 31st, Daffodil Day.

Jenny and her team are encouraging people to visit the exhibition in the Tea Kiosk for no charge but make a donation to the Cancer Society.

“So many of us, if not all, have been touched by cancer is some way,” says Gillies. “We at the Enchanted Garden wanted to give back, to do something to support the outstanding work the Cancer Society does.”

A daffodil costume postcard has been specially printed for sale with all proceeds going to the Cancer Society and a new daffodil costume has been top priority for the last few months. It’s due to be completed in the next day or so.

“As a designer, I am fortunate there are so many different types of daffodil. I do hope people come down to the gardens, enjoy the exhibition and donate to the Cancer Society,” says Jenny, who will run the front desk over the free period so that the doors can be opened without charging an entrance fee.

“I don’t get paid for the work I do here anyway so I’ve just added a few more hours to my week at the Enchanted Garden,” she says. “The team is also donating their time which is very kind of them.”

Elizabeth Chesterman from the Cancer Society says she loves the synergies of Daffodil Day and Jenny Gillies’ work.

“I’ve seen Jenny’s amazing designs many times; of course, the daffodil is my favourite and I can’t wait to see the new daff. We are very grateful for her support, indeed the continued support from so many New Zealanders on Daffodil Day,” she says.