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CyberCom Launches New Web Application For SMS Marketing Platform Texta
Saturday 1 September 2018, 12:16AM
By Beckie Wright

This week, internet and marketing solutions specialist CyberCom has launched a new web application for their product Texta, a bulk SMS marketing platform that is currently the most trusted and complete text marketing solution in the New Zealand market.

For Texta’s customer base which includes already over 15,000 customers within New Zealand, this new web application means not only a more modern and user-friendly interface, but also will bring new plans available for Texta users who don’t require the ‘reply’ function, meaning that customers will be able to find a plan that better suits their needs and helps them to eliminate unnecessary spending. Overall, the new application will be more powerful and faster, allowing users to send out more texts more often without any issues, and ensuring that contacts receive messages quickly, and only when scheduled.

With the new Texta web application, customers will also be able to use their email to set up an SMS to go out to customers, and SMS campaign replies will also be directly delivered to their email inbox, meaning that all SMS marketing can be carried out on the go. Together with Texta’s newly improved speed of delivery and ability to provide insights and data for users, CyberCom is making sure that Texta is an application for the future, with easy-to-use software that’s more powerful than ever.

Texta brings advanced mobile messaging tools to customers with super-low rates and consistent delivery across all major mobile networks.Texta has no sign-up or monthly fees, and no fixed term contracts, making for a transparent and trustworthy service that doesn’t ever overcharge customers for the services it provides. For more information on Texta and to take a look at their new web application, head to and get started today.

Texta is a product of CyberCom, an internet and marketing solutions provider who also offer products such as Maxmail, an email marketing platform, and Listwise, an email checker that carries out email list cleaning and address validation. Globally and across their services, CyberCom supply thousands of businesses with these ground-breaking electronic marketing solutions. INDEX