Kids Learn to Cook Pizza at Goode Brothers' Bambino Birthday Parties

Tuesday 2 October 2018, 7:23PM
By Beckie Wright

Goode Brothers invite you to do something a little different this year for your small person’s birthday party, saying, “Why not make this year a pizza cake year?” When it comes to planning your little one's birthday party, there's so much to consider. How will you keep them all entertained? What will they eat? Will everyone have a goode time?

Well, when you book your Bambino's Birthday Party at Goode Brothers, rest assured that the only thing you'll need to worry about, is what to choose from the menu! With their Goode Kid's Pizza School, your Bambino will receive a dedicated pizza making station, a large and delicious pizza, tasty refreshments and a divine dessert to finish. There will also be a complimentary T-shirt for the birthday Bambino.

At Goode Brother's they believe that goode food, is food made with your hands, so your kids will learn the invaluable skill of cooking in a fun and friendly environment at these well-planned Bambino Birthday Parties.

It will be so easy to keep your little ones entertained with Goode Brothers’ hands-on, deliciously goode pizza making classes, where they can get creative with toppings, then enjoy their creations afterwards.

While we are talking about the kids, the School holidays is always a goode opportunity to spend some quality time with the little ones and, at Goode Brothers, they’ve got lots to keep them (and you) entertained. They have morning and afternoon activities for all age ranges and interests, movie deals for checking out the latest flicks and live music on the weekends! 

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