Subdividing land in Auckland doesn't have to be a tycoon's game Subdividing land in Auckland doesn't have to be a tycoon's game CREDIT: SUBDIVIDEsimplified

SUBDIVIDEsimplified looks to make property development more accessible

Tuesday 16 October 2018, 4:06PM
By Adam Jay


SUBDIVIDEsimplified has recently launched their property development service which helps first time property developers get more out of their land.

Creating tailored development solutions depending on each clients needs and expectations, SUBDIVIDEsimplified help people navigate the often complicated process of Council consents and can see an entire development through from start to finish.

“Our service is an excellent starting point for those who have a larger section and would like to know what their options are”, explains SUBDIVIDEsimplified Director, Troy Patchett.

“Most people don’t really know what they have and what we can do is give them a clear picture of the range of options available to them”.

Not only presenting proposal for subdivision, SUBDIVIDEsimplified will also explore the construction of minor dwellings and offer detailed  costings and projected rental income.

“Sometimes subdividing may not be the best option, depending on a client's budget and cashflow needs, this is why we always  leave the door open for adding a minor dwelling instead”.

While in the past, the realm of property development has been viewed as reserved for big time players, driven by large amounts of capital the high value of Auckland land, coupled with a shortage of housing has seen a steep rise in Mum & Dad Developers.

SUBDIVIDEsimplified draws upon their over 20 years of industry experience and strong relationships with contractors and service providers to make the process of subdividing land in Auckland run smoothly.

“The most critical part of a successful subdivision project is making sure that you have all the right reports and all the correct boxes are ticked to achieve Council consent”, says Patchett.

“With over 500 completed projects under our belt, we know how to avoid the major pitfalls and ensure that your development runs smoothly through the consent process”.

SUBDIVIDEsimplified choose not to lock customers down to an end-to-end project and if preferred, can just handle the consent process.

“While we love taking a project from bare land, to concept, to consent and finally construction, we appreciate the need for flexibility. This is why, at any time our Auckland subdivision clients can choose to take over and handle an element of the projects (such as construction)”.