ASR Drainage Launch their Emergency Drain Unblocking Service

Friday 2 November 2018, 11:27AM
By Adam Dowling


ASR Drainage, a drain laying company based on Auckland's North Shore is now offering a 24 hour emergency service for those experiencing blocked drains and other drainage issues.

Available to people throughout the Auckland region and the North Shore, drain unblocking services are becoming increasingly needed due to the increasing amount of land development and earthworks throughout the region.

Using the latest equipment and technology, including CCTV drain inspections, ASR are able to swiftly identify where blockages are occuring and can work fast to remendy them.

Knowing blocked drains can occur at anytime (and often at the most inconvienient times), ASR decided to launch their emergency drain unblocking service.

"When it comes to blocked drains, it is important to act fast and minimise the damage that excess water can cause".

A combination of increasingly wild weather events coupled with the development of land has meant that 24/7 drainage service are becoming more and more needed throughout the city.

ASR Drainage can be contacted for drain inspection and drain unblocking services via their website.