Rousing a sleeping giant - the silent majority Rousing a sleeping giant - the silent majority CREDIT: google

Rousing a Sleeping Giant

Thursday 8 November 2018, 11:55AM
By J. James


Perception management - Constructing the conversation to frame the narrative that those who disagree with DoC are violent rabble rousers out to cause trouble that we are all dangerous even potential terrorists

Their hysteria knows no bounds and they are dangerous inciting hatred and violence by a naive public who trustingly believe that these indiscriminate deadly poison drops are needed and have little to no impact on the health of an eco system or the health of a human

Big money - corporate money is pushing the hate campaign against people who do not want 1080 in their ecosystem

1080 the facts is a powerful group of organisations who do not seem to fully comprehend the facts they keep posting on social media – they think we are stupid – their arrogance doesn’t let them see that all their facts can be proven wrong, that they are misleading, they are in fact promoting mis information.  People know this from first hand observation which is the mainstay of good science; its called observation 

1080 Science is a credible site where independent scientists not aligned with Doc funding or support in anyway has a wealth of information that reveals the misleading deception in the marketing of  what really is fake news and mis information from government ministers their advisors and the  agencies themselves ;  Mark Salisbury and Duncan Gardener and others would be well advised to inform themselves of the real facts.  They might just begin to comprehend the enormity of what is being done and the reason so many are standing up and saying Ban1080 and why they look so stupid not knowing.  They can start here

But this is NOT about them so much as it is about the Main Stream media in NZ

The collusion of big money, big business and government is nothing new, nor is corruption within government departments, who historically use the mass media to frame perceptions  with propaganda in order to try to counter any challenges to what it is doing

We can legitimately ask whose behind the narrative TV1, Newshub and others are constructing.

Make no mistake TV1 began this narrative on the culmination of the Hikoi for a poisoned nation as the biggest protest in this movements history descended on Wellington.  Thousands of ordinary people united in one moment in time and spoke with one voice.   Simultaneous protests were held in communities all over the country.  TVone news started the construction – it looked well planned and has continued to this day along with most other corporatized Mass Media

They did NOT report the news - they CONSTRUCTED it - they framed the narrative in a slew of alleged violent allegations which are on going daily 

They have people trolling FB 1080 groups and individuals waiting to pounce on anything that is said - they are however very selective in what they choose to report – they are lying in wait for someone to vent their frustration and make threats that they can then use to back up their constructed narrative.  They sift passed photographic evidence showing harm – death and suffering – they avoid tireless research by concerned citizens, they ignore the plaintive cries of peoples whose stock and pets have succumbed.  Instead they lie in wait for someone whose had enough and vents through their keyboards on to the screen

They also skim over the hateful and nasty comments left by pro  supporters whose intense dislike is being fed if not incited by the biased reporting of the MSM

Framing the narrative is done to discredit any and all information that challenges the status quo; that is, the prevailing belief of govts and others that what is being done is right and lawful

Today we live in a world whose values seem to have become so skewed that it has become Lawful to destroy the eco system and all life within it, and yet it is illegal for anyone to try to interfere and stop that destruction.  How did that happen? 

The Hikoi of a poisoned nation awoke a sleeping giant

Two men walking from both ends of the Island to meet at the steps of parliament roused the ire of the people who live in rural communities, who hunt and fish and raise their families in rural communities - who live on the land - who love the land - bushman - real kiwi families.

It aroused the ire of city folk – people who don't like seeing the suffering it causes - it roused the ire of elder folk who remember large flocks of birds that have now disappeared since the dropping of this poison.  It raised the ire of people who don't want it in their water - in the rivers and streams - it raised the ire of ordinary people every where and who in one spontaneous moment in time spoke with one voice all over Aotearoa – they ARE the sleeping giant - the silent majority

Hunting is as kiwi as the all blacks - but now - hysteria over pests killing native birds is reaching extremist proportions - the evidence on the ground does not match govt funded science which is very Monsanto like in its bias.  A bias  the jury ruled  ….. ..”….that the company was responsible for “negligent failure” and knew or should have known that its product was “dangerous…”….

The manufactures warning label clearly sets out the guidelines of its use because it knows this poison is deadly to aquatic life and to humans  and yet all spokespersons for the government and its agencies have been promoting it as safe. This is echoed in print by MSM – and its dangerous because its not.

Rousing a sleeping giant - the people - has brought many more eyes to see and bear witness to what is going on  at these poison drops – they are seeing a reality that main stream simply does not want to admit is happening.

People are watching how MSM are depicting them and there concerns.  People are now beginning to realise what so many activists have known for decades – the MSM cannot be trusted to tell the truth – they will spin – omit and blatantly construct narratives in which to frame perceptions  brought and paid for by an industry that has a vested interest in not listening.

Now that these narratives are being spun against them a huge awakening is occurring and its not that apparent to the powers that be that a break down in trust is occurring

Trolls and shills - navigate our pages, and groups, this has been a method of closing down conversations and blowing off information that challenges the system for decades its not something that Sue Grey thought up in a weekend think tank.

Corporations have been using this way to infiltrate social media and forums to shill and put down anyone with opposing views – in short to curtail arguments and make opposing views wrong and stupid – it’s a common MO

Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now have solid proof that paid government trolls are using “psychology-based influence techniques” on social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Documents leaked by Snowden also reveal that government agents have been conducting denial-of-service attacks, flooding social media websites with thinly veiled propaganda, and have been purposely attempting to warp public discourse online. If we do not stand up and object to this kind of Orwellian behavior, it is only going to get worse and worse.

they choose what to publish they are constructing a narrative to suit their agenda and it is a nasty and dangerous one

There is a redneck faction within any movement.

Pro poisoners can also be violent and nasty - provoking assaults on elderly observers, hit and runs, acts of vandalism against vehicles and trailers but their tools are more sophisticated - their abuse of power knows no bounds, they use/misuse and waste police time with trumped up charges - they are nasty - but you never hear about this on the news - it IS dirty politics

The majority who oppose 1080  are NOT violent but ARE well armed with the facts - with the science - with the evidence of massive ecocide

This is why MSM are scrambling to make us all out as violent people ready to do harm or kill one of them at any moment – they discredit our voice ridicule and condemn our science –  a lot of which is Doc's  own science, their own reports.  Sadly  it may just work - the people of NZzzz just may be easy to brainwash out of their common sense and it is common sense NOT to drop a deadly insecticide indiscriminately into eco systems - including water and not have dire unintended consequences along the way

Personally I feel that MSM and others are actually INCITING division - inciting hatred - and inciting violence with their rhetoric and it has to stop - enough is enough - are you not mature enough to have a proper conversation?

There IS a lot at stake and its time for an open and honest conversation with the main advocates of this movement.   It is time that the government listened to the people because a sleeping giant has been roused. 

We are looking and we are not buying what you are selling.  We are challenging your science – we are challenging your actions and its right that we do so – but its not right to ignore our voices our science or our concern

Jacinda talked about kindness at the UN and the world listened – how bizarre that kindness could be world news – but let it start here – let it start with being kind to our eco systems and all the life that lives within it – there are other ways and its time for change – change is the only constant – and ignoring us is not going to make us go away.

It may be lawful to drop poison in our water ways – to poison wild game and deprive families of safe food. And it may be illegal for us to stop it – but we are not going to go away we have a human right AND responsibility to defend our land from this assault on it – to save OUR birds from the hands of indiscriminate poison in the name of conservation