The most successful sport teams in history

Saturday 10 November 2018, 5:09AM
By Lee Anne Meyer


If you ask anyone in the world who is the most successful sports team in history the answer will pretty much be the same. The All Blacks rugby team have consistently dominated the sport over the past 100 years. Their iconic HAKA war dance before every game is an amazing display of passion for the game and sends the message that they are there to win.

Over 112 years they have a winning percentage of 77%. From 2000 to 2009 they had an impressive 82% win rate which in the sporting world is simply unheard of. Not only do they maintain an impeccable winning record they have also ranked as the number 1 team for pretty much every year since the ranking system was introduced back in 2003. For those who bet on sport, betting on New Zealand to win is without a doubt the safest bet. As a Kiwi you should look out for casinos offering NZD deposits to make some extra cash while watching your national treasure win…again

The amazing thing about the all blacks is not only do they function well as a team, but they have also produced some of the greatest players to ever play the game. Jonah Lomu, Richie McCaw and Dan Carter are rugby legends who are heroes not only to all black supporters but also to people who simply love the sport. Their skills with the ball and almost superhuman abilities, have wowed audiences over the years. Not only are they amazing athletes but their sportsmanship is world class, always being an example to youngsters who look up to them.

Some amazing things that you may not know about the all blacks is that only 162 players have won one cap. Where England has 343, Wales has 224 and France has 232 players who have won one cape. This shows just how good each and every player is in the All black side. It also shows show hard the players are willing to work to keep their spot on the team, since there is always younger fresher legs waiting to replace them. This extreme competitiveness within the side to always be on top form results in even better performances for the team as a whole, which in turn adds to the winning culture they have developed over the years. As impressive as this is the fact that there have only been 67 test captains for New Zealand. That 67 test captains in over 100 years of rugby! It is certainly true that rugby is New Zealand is more than just a sport, it is deeply imbedded into the culture. The way they handle themselves, the team and their captain shows just how much respect the boys have for the game.

In 2018 the All Blacks were named (unsurprisingly) the 2018 Rugby Championship winners after defeating Argentina 35-17 which will be their 3rd successive title win. When asked what happened on the day Cubelli said that “Argentina had not done themselves justice. They’re the best in the world, it’s no surprise”. At this point it is hard to see anyone come close to enjoying the success that the All Blacks have enjoyed.