Evolve Training Academy Provides TTM Specific Managed Career Pathway

Friday 23 November 2018, 9:56PM
By Beckie Wright

Temporary Traffic Management professionals can make use of Evolve Training Academy’s structured pathway to get competency in their field. The Academy has identified the key competencies required for Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) and developed a practical, competency based NZQA unit standard pathway – specifically designed for the TTM Industry.

At Evolve Training Academy they understand that theory-based classroom training does not deliver competency in the field. Through their courses traffic professionals can gain an understanding of health and safety; leadership and communication skills; driving training and licenses; TTM training; with the end result being a complete Level 2/3 STMS’ of industry leading standard.

TTM professionals work in the front-line exposed to hazards and risks all day. The Health & Safety in the Workplace Act puts significant responsibilities on the worker and the business. The training covers hazard identification and mitigation all the way through and has a specific module on the new Act. The Academy is accredited to train ConstructSafe and deliver First Aid qualification.

One of the biggest costs for businesses are vehicles – motor vehicle accidents, wear and tear and fuel use. They need people making the best possible traffic management decision every time to keep deliveries efficient. Their training includes, uniquely, defensive and master driver training specific to TTM vehicles and includes all operational requirements. The training supports STMS’s and TC’s to make the best possible on-site decisions for your business.

The course can help assess risk and apply contingencies to ensure the safety of road users and workers at Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) worksites. It will TTM staff to communicate with stakeholders to deliver an end-to-end TTM service.   The course will also staff to implement Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) and  monitor  and  maintain  a  temporary traffic  worksite  to  meet  legislation,  industry  codes  of  practice  and  guidelines.

Evolve’s training focuses on development of real competency. Alongside the technical and safety streams the training includes leadership and communication modules. The trainers are experienced TTM practitioners with NZQA adult educator qualification. The training delivers competency and Evolve can monitor and support TTM staff regularly. The qualification will provide a safer and engaged workforce with clear developmental pathways and careers.

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