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Keep yourself safe this summer with these great beach safety tips from New Zealand-based Towelling It. CREDIT: Media PA

Keep yourself safe this summer with these great beach safety tips from New Zealand-based Towelling It.
Monday 26 November 2018, 11:18AM
By Media PA

Summer is here which means soaking up some rays at the beach with the scent of salt water in the air and sand beneath your feet. Enjoying our beaches this summer can be both fun and safe, especially if you follow a few basic safety tips from the experts at New Zealand-based Towelling It.

Make sure you apply a good layer of sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going into the sun and reapply regularly, especially after taking a dip in the ocean. “Wear a shirt and hat for extra protection,” says Emma Jarvie from Towelling It.

No matter what beach you are at make sure you always watch out for rips! Rips are strong currents of water that can carry you quickly away from the shore. If you see calm, deep patches of water close to the shore with waves breaking to either side this can often indicate a presence of a rip. “Discoloured, rippled or foamy water with debris is a sign of a rip,” adds Emma.

Our rocky coastline makes for some perfect fishing spots. “Whether you’re fishing or exploring, rocky outcrops can be dangerous in the surf,” says Emma. Never stand on a rock outcrop that is already wet as this is a sign waves will be washing over it. For safety always wear a lifejacket especially when fishing on these rocky outcrops.

Ask The Locals
If you’re away from home at an unfamiliar beach it would be good idea to check in with the locals and ask them about the conditions and the safest place to swim.

Stay Hydrated
Exposure to heat of the summer sun and the relaxing effects of waves can lead to a mix of disorientation and reduced energy. Be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks down to the sand with you, and use them.

No matter where your beach vacation takes you around New Zealand, make sure you bring a luxurious towel from New Zealand-based Towelling It for the ultimate relaxation this summer.

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