A Touch of Grandeur to Your Party with Gabby's Corporate Cupcakes

Friday 30 November 2018, 7:21PM
By Beckie Wright

Christmas season is undeniably the best season for events and parties. And in the corporate world, almost every company goes all out on spending time, effort and money to make sure that their event will be well-attended, enjoyed and remembered by everyone.

Christmas party is one of the celebrations most working people look forward to throughout the year - together with all the bonuses, gifts and incentives - in line with these, of course, is excellent food!

If you're looking out to a more bustling and festive company Christmas party dining, how about a colourful cupcake tower or a multi-layered cake at the centre of the banquet table? Such a grandiose touch will definitely spur on everyone at your party.

Gabby's Cupcakes caters to everything dessert and offers you a wide range of themed cupcakes and cakes to choose from. They have original, gourmet, gluten-free and vegan choices for the healthiest options for your colleagues. All of these comes in a variety of designs to fit the theme of your party.

Of course, you can't plan for a party and not think about gifts and giveaways. Gabby's corporate cupcakes and cake pops are perfect for this - you can browse and order online and have your desserts customized according to your corporate branding or personalized greetings and messages. They have already worked with a number of companies for all types of corporate orders so you're assured that only the best is served on your event.

Gabby's Cupcakes shop is located in Brown's Bay, a secret commercial kitchen in Auckland’s best North Shore beach village. If you are more of an outgoing person all set for a grand hunt of the best place for cupcakes, or just wants to scout for treats before the rest of your company - come and taste the grandeur yourself while sipping the best coffee in Auckland.

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