ListWise is The World's Simplest Email List Cleaning Solution From CyberCom

Friday 30 November 2018, 10:26PM
By Beckie Wright

ListWise is brought to you by CyberCom, the company behind Maxmail, the preferred bulk email application for high volume senders. ListWise is an effective online email validation and verification service for businesses, which has been specifically designed for businesses with a bulk-email marketing strategy.

ListWise is a simple tool that intelligently cleans your list, gets rid of duplicates and potential bounces and gives you a clean, fresh list that you can then use for your email marketing efforts. When you acquire new email lists, you rarely have any clues what percentage of those email addresses will bounce or end up as invalid. If you attempt to send bulk mail to too many invalid, non-existent, bouncing email addresses then your mail servers, content, as well as all IPs associated with your campaigns could end up on very severe blacklists.

As an email marketing service provider, your number one responsibility is to get your customers' emails delivered to inbox. Yes, in an ideal world, all your customers will be 100% clean, bring clean lists, run clean campaigns and stick to the rules, but this isn’t an ideal world. Don't let the poor list quality of your customers kill the reputation of your IPs. Remember, it only takes one bad sender to kill your delivery network, launching a cat and mouse chase with ISPs to get your emails delivered.

If you're an email marketing service provider, ListWise is absolutely crucial. It could be what will make the difference between your survival or demise as a company. You can use ListWise's simple but powerful API to clean your customers' lists before you let them send a campaign. All you need to do is purchase prepaid credits in bulk, get the API key and start processing records before sending a campaign. You can also try how the API works by signing up for a free account which lets you clean up to 100 emails for absolutely no cost, so for more information on email cleaners, email validation tools and email list cleaning please go to .