The Ultimate Staff Christmas Treat From INFLITE Charters

Monday 17 December 2018, 9:18PM
By Beckie Wright

If you are scratching your head, wondering what to do this year for your company’s Christmas outing, don’t panic! INFLITE Charters have some brilliant ideas for an amazing day out, wherever you would like to go on the day, in one of their immaculate helicopters.

Helicopter Charters offer the flexibility of point-to-point travel getting you, and your group, directly to where you need to be in luxury, comfort and style, and imagine the surprise and delight of your staff when they find out what you are providing for their Christmas treat this year. 

The versatility of a helicopter means you can plan an awesome day out for your team, and the INFLITE helicopter will land you on an island, or wherever you have decided to fly.

INFLITE Charters are service leaders and have New Zealand's largest fleet of private helicopters available for your Christmas party, so hurry up and talk to one of their dedicated Charter Managers today.

Helicopter charter is ideal for groups travelling for business or leisure purposes, and with the convenience of point to point travel, you can move your group to where they need to be quickly and conveniently. INFLITE Charters will plan a helicopter charter service to fit your requirements whether you are a small group travelling in a single helicopter or you need to move larger groups in multiple machines.

From scenic flights to custom itineraries and exclusive experiences like glacier landings, private island dining, even landing on an active volcano. INFLITE Charters have the inspiration you need to make your next group charter the experience of a lifetime, and their managers will take care of the logistics and finer details so you can sit back and enjoy the journey with your group, arriving at your destination in luxury, comfort and style.

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