Spread the Holiday Cheer with a gift of Christmas Cupcakes!

Friday 21 December 2018, 10:05PM
By Beckie Wright

Cupcakes are the cutest gifts to share with your family and friends this Christmas. Forget Christmas cakes, cupcakes are like cakes that are already shared out – so you can give them to everyone! Visiting a cupcake shop this Christmas is a great idea if you’re looking for the sweetest gifts that are fun and edible and on theme for the sharing season.

Since it’s for the holidays, cupcakes that are dressed up for the season are such a sweet idea, to share with the office in the lead up to Christmas break, or a nice addition to the treat table at Christmas parties with your family and friends. Cupcakes can be made to order and delivered right to your doorstep in no time at all, which also makes them great last-minute gifts.

Cupcakes from Gabby’s Cupcakes like the Christmas Snowflake cupcakes are a great gift idea. They are crafted carefully with light-blue frosting, and a unique snowflake painted in frosting decorates each individual cupcake. These are the perfect gift for someone you know will love the intricate detailing of these Christmas cupcakes.

Another popular, in-season theme are Christmas Bauble Cupcakes, done by decking red velvet cupcakes with perfectly round spheres of icing made to look like the yummiest decoration on the tree. They sparkle and shine like they’re made of glitter and they are the perfect glam cupcakes for the fashionista in your friend group this season.  

There are also beautiful candy cane cupcakes. These are chocolate cupcakes which are completed with a huge red and white mountain of minty frosting and finished with Christmas sparkle. These are absolutely perfect for the sweet tooth in the family, they’ll love savouring every bite of delicious frosting.

Celebrate Christmas by gifting someone with a box of cheery, seasonal cupcakes from Gabby’s Cupcakes! Visit today for more holiday gift inspirations!