All About Te Atatu South Childcare

Monday 28 January 2019, 2:38PM
By Beckie Wright

Te Atatu South Childcare has been open since 1993, and is family based and privately owned, and are big enough to provide a wide range of experiences to develop your child’s potential, but small enough to know each and every child, and their family. The Centre has been operated by the same management team since opening.

At Te Atatu South Childcare Centre, they believe through everyday experiences the tamariki will develop social competencies which will support them in their future learning success, and they value that the early years/childhood is a crucial period for this to evolve. Partnerships between the centre and whānau helps each child achieve a sense of belonging within the centre. They value that time spent through open communication and interaction builds positive, reciprocal relationships and friendships between tamariki, kaiako, parents and whānau and the wider community.

Te Atatu South Childcare provide a rich learning environment where kaiako work and learn together to support each child’s holistic development, and as   

tamariki play and interact with their peers and kaiako, they are provided with a wide range of options and experiences to explore throughout their day. Tamariki have time to speak and to be listened to, enabling them to be empowered to be competent, capable learners.

Their environment is inclusive of all people, as well as emotionally and physically safe, and they know that when tamariki are treated with honesty, respect and dignity, they will become trusting and responsible individuals.  Te Atatu South Childcare provides a stable, nutruring environment that allows the tamariki to develop their overall well-being, with continuity of care being essential to the children’s development, so for more information on childcare centre Auckland,  early childhood centres,  two year old children

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