New Year's Resolutions Don't Have to Stop You from Delicious Cupcakes

Thursday 31 January 2019, 3:03PM
By Beckie Wright

Whether you’ve pledged to go vegan and save the planet this January, or decided this will be the year that you stop ignoring your gluten intolerance, there’s one thing you won’t feel like you have to miss out on due to dietary requirements and that’s Gabby’s Cupcakes!

Veganism is fast becoming one of the most popular diets in New Zealand, with a huge spike in people becoming vegan in 2018. This is a sensible choice, as it’s not only helping the animals, but is a sustainable choice for the planet as well.

Veganism involves not eating any meat or other animal products such as eggs and dairy. This can be really hard when you start to crave baked goods, but don’t worry, as Gabby’s Cupcakes have a full range of vegan cupcakes that taste just as good as the normal ones! From Caramello Delight to Morning Hit Espresso cupcakes, vegans are spoilt for choice.

The gluten free diet is a bit trickier to follow for lovers of baked goods, as gluten is a protein found in wheat grains – that’s right, flour is gluten! Gabby’s cupcakes gluten free range may look like it’s made with flour like any other piece of baking, but that’s only because they use some of the best gluten free alternative ingredients.

Gabby’s Cupcakes is fully supportive of your New Year’s Resolutions, and you’ll never have to feel left out at party time again with a huge range of delicious cupcakes to suit any dietary requirement. All of Gabby’s Cupcakes are baked fresh and can be delivered to your door! Shop our vegan/gluten free range online here and stock up for your next sweet craving.