What's Trending At Wendy's Boutique for 2019?

Friday 1 February 2019, 2:32AM
By Beckie Wright

Wendy’s Boutique owner, Wendy Simister created the concept of Wendy’s as a niche designer store that would stock the most beautiful pieces, but yet would have a super friendly vibe. Her aim is for her customers to feel empowered by their outfits, to feel happy in their skin and this month they are very excited to bring to you what is trending for 2019.

If you’ve noticed the trend for lycra cycle shorts worn in a non-active-wear capacity this summer, then you may have asked yourself a couple of pertinent questions. Firstly – is this in fact a joke being played on the hapless public by the fashion Gods? Secondly – how can I make this work for me?  The good news is that it’s not as scary as it first seems and the more thoughtful designers have modified the look to make it wearable. The further upside is that it’s incredibly liberating to wear shorts for more than just casualwear, and there are a plethora of styles that are not only more forgiving than lycra, but that are also set to be here for a while.

Frills and flounces were seen in abundance at the 2019 shows, and the 80s style blouses continued to be a strong presence, as did the feature bow. Gingham has such a fresh vibe that it’s not surprising to see its popularity continue. The longevity of ruching is a crowd pleaser – notoriously a hugely flattering style, particularly in dress form it is far more forgiving than a straightforward body con.

Covering up is a trend that allows us to be sun smart and hide any extra padding carried over from the winter months. From maxi lengths to oversized jackets, the penchant for covering up skin is going strong.  Large bags are also still trending, so a thumbs up for the practical face of fashion.

Tailoring has been very much to the fore this summer, with a multitude of sleek looks, and it seems set to continue with smart pants, shirts and belts. Anoraks, khaki cottons and of course utility pants - all have been spotted this season and are definitely still going to be on point next summer. Reminiscent of the cargo craze of the early 2000’s there is a familiarity in the cuffed ankle pants, but like every fashion that re-emerges, it has been updated, and this look is less combat and more feminine. So grab your khakis, pair with your kitten heels and kick off the summer season in style.

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