Creative Acrylic Designs and Manufactures Attention-Grabbing Point of Sale Displays

Monday 18 February 2019, 2:27PM
By John Van

In any retail store, how products are displayed and promoted are an essential consideration for merchandisers. Regardless of the industry, it’s crucial that stock is on show in the best possible way to capture eyes and attract interest.

From a branding perspective, colours and styles also play a huge part in shop layouts and product positioning. It’s an essential component of retail stores and will play an important role in customer experiences. Quality, custom design and speed are all major concerns of businesses seeking point of sales displays, which is why Creative Acrylic work diligently to ensure bespoke solutions for their clients.

The Creative Acrylic team have delivered durable and long-lasting display paraphernalia for New Zealand businesses for a number of years. As a competent shop display manufacturer, their priority is to create stands, mounts and holders that fit their clients’ products perfectly. Working with the best materials, Creative Acrylic understands how important their role is, utilising the most suitable plastics to deliver outstanding solutions.

From the design process through to plastic fabrication and installation, Creative Acrylic keeps its customers’ needs a priority. As such an essential feature, their products are designed impeccably to generate the best results for retail businesses.

Creative Acrylic invites anyone interested in learning more about their custom plastic fabrication services to get in touch with them through their website. Their experienced team are happy to assist with any retail display enquiries you may have. Get in contact with them today by visiting or by calling 09 838 8966.