Rangi Alumnae and Rowing Manager Excel in Rocket Rowing Regatta

Thursday 28 February 2019, 10:08AM

By RedPR


LtoR_Grace Loveridge_Bella Carter Rocket Foods Regatta Feb 2019
LtoR_Grace Loveridge_Bella Carter Rocket Foods Regatta Feb 2019 Credit: Celebration Rowing
LtoR_Olivia Loe and Eve Macfarlane
LtoR_Olivia Loe and Eve Macfarlane Credit: Celebration Rowing


The 2019 Rocket Foods New Zealand Rowing Championships were held at Lake Ruataniwha in Twizel on 19th - 23rd February. Isabella Carter and Eve Macfarlane, achieved excellent results in a competitive field.

This regatta attracts club and senior athletes representing their clubs as well as novice rowers competing on the same course as elite rowers who have represented our country on the world stage.

Ella Vink, Rangi Ruru’s Rowing Manager also took away three firsts in the coxed four and eights.

Ms Vink says she was thrilled that Isabella and Eve did so well in the regatta and expects them to both continue to do well on the rowing stage, at whatever level they choose to continue with.

“That’s the key,” she says. “At Rangi we support the girls achieve the very best they can and they then have choices about what they want to do, where and when. They’ve worked hard to be in a position to make these choices and we will always be here for them, cheering for them whatever they choose to do.”


Isabella Carter (Graduated 2018)                    1st Women’s U20 coxless pair

                                                                         2nd Women’s U22 coxless four

                                                                         1st Women’s U20 single sculls


Eve Macfarlane (Graduated 2010)                  2nd Women’s premier double sculls

                                                                         6th Women’s premier single sculls

                                                                         2nd Women’s premier coxed eight           


Ella Vink (RR’s Rowing Manager)                    1st Women’s club coxed four

                                                                         1st Women’s club coxed eight

                                                                         1st Women’s senior coxed eight