Internship Experience from a Tourism Management Student at Crown

Thursday 28 February 2019, 7:16PM
By Beckie Wright

Devon Motufoua, a Tourist Management student at Crown Institute of Studies, shares his experience as an intern in the happiest place on earth – Disneyland, Florida.

He started his internship at the start of the year and has been thoroughly enjoying the overall experience interning at the place where magic happens. This exciting experience enabled him to work for a reputable company as well as meet and connect with new people within his chosen industry.

Devon shares: “My experience so far has really been an amazing one! I’ve developed a lot of friendships not only with my roommates, but also people from around my complex. Everyone here is so welcoming and inviting which makes it a very fun environment to be in.”

He is currently assigned a Merchandise role at Maestro Mickey’s All Star Music Resort. He says that it is the ideal work assignment for him as he had been trained in that line of work from his previous job.

Not only did his previous training give him the edge of being selected, he will also be completing his studies at Crown and earn his diploma in Tourism Management when his internship concludes at Disneyland.

“My studies have helped me by giving me a clear indication of what I need to do to ensure I am working to the best of my abilities. It has also helped me create a great work ethic within the tourism industry.”

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