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Temporary Barriers From Dexters NZ

Friday 1 March 2019, 7:02PM
By Beckie Wright

During the hot weather that we’re having now and over the next month or two, a lot of warehouses like to leave their doors open to get some air through. However, this exposes their work area to the risk of having unauthorized personnel walking through and posing a health and safety or security risk.

To this end Dexters NZ sell a range of temporary barriers that go across doorways to make them safer and prevent unauthorized access, including their 1m high Expandable Barrier which is ideal for creating a visual deterrent or for use in safety situations and a 1.5m high Expandable Barrier ideal for preventing unwanted access or security situations. They also have a 2m high Expandable Barrier for security related situations, to prevent unwanted access.

They also have a selecction of temporary barriers, including Duramesh barriers, plastic extendable barriers, a collapsible wheeled barrier, a plastic wall mount retractable belt and a cone top retractable belt.

You can alert workers of hazards, direct traffic and designate walkways with highly-visible safety cones. Dexters stock traffic cones that meet NZTA specifications, and the cones they supply allow you to improve workplace safety, and increase awareness around hazardous areas.

As with all the products they stock, their cones are competitively priced and ideal for building your safety management system. The cones are fitted with reflective tape collars, allowing them to be seen clearly by vehicles at night, and you can see a range of these cones on their website.

You an contact Dexters today for assistance in safety management in the warehouse and logistics industry. They are happy to consult, supply and install tailored systems that comply with health and safety standards, and for more information on pallet racking, safety equipment suppliers, platform ladders and forklift accessories please go to https://dexters.conz .