Advanced Natural Medicine Offers a Holistic Approach to Healthcare in Auckland

Wednesday 6 March 2019, 10:19AM
By John Van

Established in West Auckland over 20 years ago, Advanced Natural Medicine is a team of naturopaths, natural medicine practitioners and nurses that work together to deliver exceptional holistic medicine. With health and wellbeing prioritised, their dedicated team treat clients for a vast range of conditions and ailments. Utilising modern naturopathy, Advanced Natural Medicine is many Aucklanders’ first choice for holistic health solutions.

From the initial consultations, through to the appropriate diagnosis and treatment selection, Advanced Natural Medicine works to relieve the symptoms of poor health and rejuvenate the body. With so many of us exposed to potentially harmful environmental conditions, whether it be through our work, lifestyle or chance, Advanced Natural Medicine understand how crucial the healing process can be.

Advanced Natural Medicine provides holistic treatments for IBS, fatigue, skin conditions, chronic pain, cancer support, allergies and hormone imbalances, amongst many others. It is through their commitment to naturopathy and industry standards that they have built their reputation as the preferred Auckland Naturopaths for authentic natural health remedies.

Advanced Natural Medicine invites anyone with health concerns in the Auckland region to get in touch with them to discuss available treatments. Utilising state of the art in-house equipment and the expertise of a combined 70 years of experience, Advanced Natural Medicine’s team is the best choice for a holistic approach to health.

Bookings with their health practitioners can be made online through their website or by calling them on (09) 826 4482.