International Womens Day #balanceforbetter

Thursday 7 March 2019, 1:49PM
By Pinnacle Life NZ

This year the theme for International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter.  It’s a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world.  In NZ the pay gap sits at around 12%.  This means men on average earn 12% more than women in the same or a similar position.

Another way to look at it is that women effectively work for free from the 18th of November, compared to a man in the same job.  It’s small consolation to know we’re doing better than in the UK, where women worked for free for an extra week, from November 10.

Women are to awesome to work for less in this way.  Which got the Pinnacle team thinking not only about what we could do for #balanceforbetter, but also about why we think women are awesome.  Here’s what the team said*:

We can multi-task
We know how to be nurturing, kind and loving
Are beautiful in a million different ways
Are all different from each other
We carry babies for 9 months and get them out in the big wide world with some not-to-be-taken-light effort
Can make lasagne without a recipe
Can walk in heels
Can fit a lot of stuff into a seemingly tiny handbag
Can cry in movies without losing our cool
We live longer
Have excellent communication skills
We usually know where everything is – like the car keys
We take more sick days, which you could say means we know when to stop and look after ourselves  
We are resilient
We smell nice
Women are generally smaller than men, requiring less food and smaller clothes, and therefore using up fewer of the world’s limited natural resources.
We don’t sweat, we glow
We’re good at balancing how much cake we eat with exercise. 
Women speak approximately 20,000 words per day compared to men who speak closer to 7000, i.e. we’re good communicators
We soldier on and look after the family when we are feeling sick
We can do grocery shopping and meal planning on a budget
We have an incredible ability to make dinner out of what’s left in the fridge
We go without so others don’t have to
We put others feelings before our own

And we usually do all of this with a smile on our face! Except for when it’s a REALLY bad day.

This year when you’re celebrating being awesome, as you should do, take a minute to think about how you will help make a difference to the gender gap so that no women is working for free doing the same job as someone else? For yourself, your colleagues, your sisters and your daughters.

*Disclaimer – we don’t pretend to think that ALL women do ALL of these ALL the time, but generally we think women are pretty great. We also really like men, and think they’re great too but that’s another day and another blog.