New Zealand's Best Tractors for Sale or Hire at APS Equipment

Friday 29 March 2019, 1:54PM
By Beckie Wright

Farming is one of the core occupations of New Zealand’s economy. It’s what fuels our main exports of dairy, eggs and meat and it is the centre of lives of families across the country.


Farming holds an important part of our history, and has grown alongside us New Zealanders. We have seen many improvements in farming industry mechanisms and resources over the years, moving towards a much more dynamic and beneficial industry.


With all the innovations that have been happening in farming, the humble tractor has been a constant necessity. The first tractors were imported to New Zealand in 1904, and they have been a popular mechanism for farming since the 1920s. They have grown over time, and now we have moved from uncomfortable, clunky crawlers that moved at snail speed, to the high-powered models that are now available today.


At APS Equipment, you can get your hands on a huge range of top quality tractors. They have a series of the extremely popular John Deere tractors available, that are built to give you the best performance while being extremely fuel efficient.


For those who value safety and comfort in their high-risk farming lifestyles, a McCormick tractor offers these elements as well as constant technological innovations in their tractor models – making them extremely intuitive, user friendly machines.


If there’s anything you can count on for New Holland Tractors to have, it is both smart innovations and dynamic technologies. These tractors are constantly evolving as the needs of its consumers change. New Holland has been here since the very beginning of the history of Tractors in New Zealand, and believes there is always a way to do things better.


For one of New Zealand’s best quality tractors for sale or hire, talk to the team at APS Equipment or visit their website at