Get Staff Trained in Traffic Management with Evolve TrainingAcademy

Friday 29 March 2019, 2:22PM
By Beckie Wright

Temporary traffic management expert Evolve Training Academy can train businesses in health and safety; leadership and communication; driving training and licenses; TTM training with the end result being a complete Level 2/3 STMS’ of an industry-leading standard.


The company has a complete pack of services and courses tailored to the TTM Industry. Evolve Training Academy understands that not everyone understands traffic management training and that the current theory based classroom training may not fully deliver competency in the field. They have identified the key on road competencies required and developed a practical, competency-based standard pathway – specifically designed for the Temporary Traffic Management Industry. The company has managed the training needs of many prominent businesses.


Evolve’s courses offer competency-based assessments and professional adult educators teaching technical industry-specific courses. Their experts can come to the business and propose a tailored training package to meet specific needs. Their trainers then report back to the business in terms of training, recommendations and reminders of upcoming refresher courses.


TTM people work in the front-line exposed to hazards and risks all day. The Health & Safety in the Workplace Act puts significant responsibilities on the worker and the business. TTM training builds in hazard identification and mitigation. Evolve are accredited to train ConstructSafe and deliver First Aid.   


Road Controlling Authorities are consistently raising the standards and expectations. TTM people work across a bewildering range of activity. TTM training is theory only, no practical component. Their training segments the required technical knowledge into streams so staff get focused examples to support what they do. This is backed up by practical assessment with optional on site coaching and auditing. 


Their training focuses on development of real competency. Alongside the technical and safety streams the training includes leadership and communication modules, the trainers are experienced TTM practitioners with NZQA adult educator qualification. Evolve Training Academy can help businesses with a free audit of the organisations training and health and safety processes.


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