Rangi Ruru - 2019 Maadi Cup Results / 7 Rangi Ruru Girls Selected to Trial for U18 SI Crew

Sunday 31 March 2019, 7:25PM

By RedPR


Rangi Rowers Celebrate A Win at the 2019 Maadi Cup
Rangi Rowers Celebrate A Win at the 2019 Maadi Cup Credit: Celebration Rowing / Steve McArthur


Christchurch’s Rangi Ruru Girls’ School has won 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals at the Maadi Cup held at Lake Karapiro this week with finals held this weekend.


In one event, eighteen Rangi girls stood on the podium this year at New Zealand’s top school rowing regatta, which signals the end of the rowing season, and Rangi Ruru Rowing Manager, Ella Vink, says everyone involved can be very proud of their efforts.


“The novice eight event was particularly significant because at the end of the race, we had eighteen girls on the podium. Both our first and second crew showed grit and determination to pull that off,” she says. “In addition to our six medals and two titles, we have seven girls who have been chosen to trial for the Under-18 South Island team and that’s a great honour.”


Chloe Berge, Sam Vance, Rosa Jones, Kyla Otway, Tessa Reid, Charlotte Gray and Sophie Pye will trial over Easter, and if successful will compete at the North Island vs South Island Under 18 regatta at Lake Karapiro in April.


Rangi crews took the Girls U15 Coxed Four title - Crew (R Gray, A Reid, P Porter, K Wield + S Nelson),

and the Girls U15 Coxed Eight title - Crew: (M Bushell, A Reid, R Gray, K Wield, K Bond, H Lill, P Porter, M Crump + S Nelson).


One of the most exciting races at Maadi this year was the girl’s novice U18 eight in which Rangi Ruru had two crews racing; both putting in a strong challenge for the gold, which was eventually won by Epsom Girls’ Grammar. The Rangi crew of Meg Crump (stroke), Abigail Reid, Katie Bond, Lilly Ellis, Primrose Porter, Leila Rhodes, Millie Bushnell, Maggie Craw and coxswain Jemima Porter, was just over three seconds behind the Epsom Girls’ crew. and took silver in a time of 7:00.44.


“The camaraderie and support shown to all the crews, from all the schools was as strong as ever,” says Rangi Ruru Rowing Coach Mark Cotham. “Of course, it is highly competitive and we all go out there to win but there was a palpable sense of togetherness particularly among the Christchurch schools this year and I am immensely proud of that.”


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girls u17 coxed four

R Jones, S Vance, C Berge, C Gray + S Nelson

Heat 1: placed 1st (7:24.80)

Semi-final 1: placed 1st (7:21.90)

A Final: placed 5th (7:20.08)


girls u15 coxed quad sculls

E Laidlaw, R Dalzell, L Vaughan, G Cusiel + A Smith

Heat 1: placed 6th (8:03.62)

Repechage 3: result (DNS)


girls u15 coxed quad sculls

S Fulton, A Richmond, L Pringle, S O'Shannessey + Z Klar

Heat 1: placed 7th (8:24.01)

Repechage 1: placed 7th (9:18.73)


SILVER girls u18 novice coxed eight

M Crump, A Reid, K Bond, L Ellis, P Porter, L Rhodes, M Bushell, M Craw + J Porter

Heat 1: placed 2nd (7:31.70)

A Final: placed 2nd (6:57.24)


BRONZE girls u18 novice coxed eight

E Irvine, L Leech, D Summerfield, L Simmers, S Fulton, G Beckett, H Allred, L Turnbull + E Bond

Heat 2: placed 2nd (7:37.44)

A Final: placed 3rd (7:00.44)


girls u17 coxed quad sculls

F Ullrich, H O'Loughlin, G Brownrigg, M Evatt + Z Klar

Heat 1: placed 4th (8:20.41)

Repechage 3: placed 3rd (8:47.78)

C Final: placed 4th (7:41.46)


GOLD girls u15 coxed four

R Gray, A Reid, P Porter, K Wield + S Nelson

Heat 3: placed 1st (8:06.22)

A Final: placed 1st (7:32.64)


girls u15 coxed four

L Leech, M Crump, M Bushell, L Rhodes + J Porter

Heat 1: placed 5th (8:42.82)

Repechage 1: placed 2nd (9:06.51)

B Final: placed 2nd (7:51.53)


girls u16 coxed eight

F Gallaway, M Hayman, T Reid, K Otway, K Bond, H Lill, R Gray, E Ffowcs Williams+ S Pye

Heat 3: placed 1st (7:16.40)

A Final: placed 4th (6:59.34)


girls u15 coxed octuple sculls

D Summerfield, R Dalzell, G Cusiel, L Turnbull, L Vaughan, A Richmond, L Pringle, S O'Shannessey + A Smith

Heat 2: placed 4th (7:36.69)

Repechage 1: placed 3rd (8:17.48)

A Final: placed 7th (7:23.91)



BRONZE girls u18 coxed four

R Jones, S Vance, I Bell, M Wright + A Williams

Heat 2: placed 1st (7:26.39)

A Final: placed 3rd (7:19.32)


girls u18 coxed four

I Inkson, K Harvey, L Stapylton-Smith, M Dickie + S Nelson

Heat 1: placed 4th (7:56.93)

Repechage 1: placed 5th (8:28.19)

B Final: placed 6th (7:46.75)


BRONZE girls u17 coxed eight

R Jones, S Vance, T Reid, A Calder, F Gallaway, C Berge, L Stapylton-Smith, C Gray+ A Williams

Heat 2: placed 1st (6:50.81)

A Final: placed 3rd (6:42.47)


F Gallaway, M Hayman, T Reid, K Otway + S Pye

Heat 1: placed 3rd (7:37.48)

Repechage 2: placed 1st (7:39.73)

Semi-final 1: placed 3rd (7:26.14)

A Final: placed 7th (7:40.89)


girls u18 coxed quad sculls

I Inkson, C Gray, L Stapylton-Smith, M Dickie + E Bond

Heat 4: placed 4th (7:39.60)

Repechage 1: placed 5th (7:57.83)


girls u18 coxed quad sculls

F Ullrich, H O'Loughlin, G Brownrigg, M Evatt + Z Klar

Heat 1: placed 6th (7:53.47)

Repechage 2: placed 7th (8:24.56)


GOLD girls u15 coxed eight

M Bushell, A Reid, R Gray, K Wield, K Bond, H Lill, P Porter, M Crump + S Nelson

Heat 1: placed 1st (6:58.99)

A Final: placed 1st (6:54.84)


girls u15 coxed eight

E Irvine, M Craw, L Leech, L Rhodes, D Summerfield, G Beckett, S Fulton, R Dalzell+ A Smith

Heat 2: placed 1st (7:09.63)

A Final: placed 6th (7:17.91)


girls u17 double sculls

G Brownrigg, M Evatt

Heat 3: result (DNS)


girls u18 novice coxed four

P Porter, A Reid, K Bond, L Ellis + S Pye

Heat 2: placed 2nd (8:43.24)

Repechage 1: placed 1st (8:24.23)

Semi-final 1: placed 3rd (7:37.87)

A Final: placed 5th (7:51.78)


girls u18 novice coxed four

E Irvine, M Craw, H Allred, L Simmers + J Porter

Heat 4: placed 4th (9:09.24)

Repechage 1: placed 2nd (8:35.33)

Semi-final 2: placed 8th (8:08.97)

B Final: placed 4th (8:03.80)


girls u16 double sculls

E Ffowcs Williams, H O'Loughlin

Heat 2: placed 6th (9:37.89)

Repechage 1: placed 5th (10:04.24)

E Final: placed 3rd (8:23.37)


girls u18 coxed eight

R Jones, S Vance, C Berge, A Calder, T Reid, K Harvey, I Bell, M Wright + A Williams

Heat 1: placed 5th (7:30.41)

A Final: placed 6th (6:52.03)