Merito Stocks New Single Origin Coffee Beans

Wednesday 3 April 2019, 8:51PM
By Beckie Wright

Auckland-based coffee roaster, Merito, now stocks single origin coffee beans, sourced from across the globe. Their range currently features beans from Colombia, Brazil, Burundi and Rwanda.


The Colombia Diofanor Ruiz is a black honey processed Castillo from Buenavista, Quindio. Named for the owner of the farm, the cherries are picked according to a strict set of regulations for ripeness. The microlot harvest is aerobically fermentated for a total of 12 hours before being pulped and dried on raised beds.


The next single origin – the Brazil Alessandro Hervas Lot #4 – was farmed in the region Maniquirea de Minas. A yellow catuai varietal, the coffee is natural processed, leading to a sweeter, more fermented product. The cup has a velvety mouthfeel with good acidity and sweetness, and long, delicate finish.


As part of the APAS (Producer’s Association of Alto da Serra), Alessandro Hervas works alongside many other farmers, who all collaborate on improving natural process coffees in the area.


Another single origin from Columbia, the La Cuvita is a honey-processed coffee sourced from Narino. This Columbian has notes of apricot, green grape, and orange.


A lighter offering; the Burundi Nemba is characterized by notes of lychee, pear and lemon. It’s varietal of coffee arabica is red bourbon, which is notable, as bourbon varietals are typical to latin America, and red bourbon is fairly rare – it is a sub-type of bourbon varietals that is cultivated out of spontaneous mutation.


Finally, Merito offers the Rwanda Rugali, another red bourbon, with notes of melon, nectarine and mandarin.


All single origin coffee beans stocked by Merito can be purchased in either 250g or 1kg bags, and offer grind options in plunger, espresso, filter or whole bean.


To learn more, talk to the experts at Merito Coffee Roasters, or take a look at their single origin coffees here: