Two Ways in which Ufone lead the way in VoIP Telephony Services. Two Ways in which Ufone lead the way in VoIP Telephony Services. CREDIT: Media PA

Two Ways in which Ufone lead the way in VoIP Telephony Services.

Thursday 11 April 2019, 4:31PM
By Media PA

Leading Auckland-based telecommunications company UFONE NZ have become an emerging key player in the New Zealand Telco service industry by going above and beyond their competitors in two fundamental ways: Reliability and Support.

UFONE NZ is a VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) Telecom company specialising in providing Voice and Internet Services to mid-sized, multi-site companies with mobile workforces. It has a robust and feature rich solution for these company’s growing needs.  UFONE are also one of only a few providers who run its own VoIP infrastructure and don’t rely on reselling someone else’s services.


UFONE prides itself at going above and beyond what is expected to provide reliability for its clients. It understands the importance of never relying on a single point of failure, both in hardware and network connectivity.  It also believes in having complete control over the service it provides through quality hardware and well-trained staff. This makes it possible to maintain the integrity and reliability of its network.

Reliability starts with the system architecture and UFONE have invested extensively in a purpose-built VoIP telephony infrastructure. This is designed for service providers with “carrier grade” reliability and security.  It means Ufone have both redundancy and scalability built in utilising georedundant, clustered topology.  The distributed database ensures any data-centre node can instantly take over the work of any other node that might go offline, for maintenance for example.

Another important concept is pro-active maintenance. “Solving problems before they impact on customers is ensured by monitoring everything and responding to discrepancies which may lead to real problems in the future,” says Ufone MD Nigel Rayneau.  “This results in 95% of all problems being averted before any customer notices” he says. “And it doesn’t stop there as end-to-end control gives us instant visibility which enables us to offer instant support to our clients and partners and excel in speedy problem-solving”.


For any business creating sales and gaining customers is a primary activity but customer service can often be seen as a costly expense.  The real value of a service is apparent by the level of care and support experienced after the initial sale. This is where UFONE clearly excels.

Calling the supplier of a telephony service when something has gone wrong can be a dreaded task involving multiple phone calls and in some cases they may not even take voice support enquiries.

While other Telephony Providers may take hours or even days to resolve issues UFONE goes to extreme lengths to ensure problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

“At Ufone you will get straight through to a system expert. We’re confident we’ll be answering your support call within 25 seconds,” says Nigel.

This sentiment is echoed by Ufone’s clients who speak highly of UFONE’s ability to handle any potential issues while supporting their systems.

“Their service offering allows you to ring at any time. Whether you only need to call once every few months or you have queries for them every other day you can be assured that one of the experts on their team will be ready to help,” one customer said.

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