VoIP continuing to rise in value around the world

Wednesday 17 April 2019, 11:03PM
By Media Giant

VoIP continuing to rise in value around the world


Businesses still using fixed-line voice connections are soon to be in the minority compared to those using IP-based voice applications, indicates data from newly released reports on VoIP adoption around the world. It’s expected that major influencers in this change will arrive through 5G networks in coming years, and a need to concurrently satisfy business and customer requirements.


VoIP is widely praised for how cheap it is to make calls - where low prices are the result of the existing infrastructure of the Internet, and that voice data is cheaper to send over Internet protocol than through circuit-switched PSTN. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of VoIP as a cost-effective communications solution, supported by direct hardware and software support and immediate updates and fixes to issues.


While the cost-effective nature of VoIP is well-known, the most crucial impending decider for global VoIP dominance will be the success of the new 5G network, which will likely see trials and implementation globally later this year. Deloitte LLP VC, Kevin Westcott, recently spoke of how 5G will provide businesses and customers alike with greater communication potential:


“It won’t happen overnight, but 5G will profoundly change our interactions and experiences, which is good news for consumers as they demand better performance and more access to content,” he said.


“Higher speeds and lower latency will enable new and innovative consumer experiences in areas from augmented reality to entertainment to medicine and smart cities.”


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