Ship anything, anywhere with the International shipping experts NZ's leading online courier company Parcelport. Ship anything, anywhere with the International shipping experts NZ's leading online courier company Parcelport. CREDIT: Media PA

Ship anything, anywhere with the International shipping experts NZ's leading online courier company Parcelport.

Friday 26 April 2019, 10:33AM
By Media PA

If you are an eCom business you will be well aware of the absolute headache that comes with selling on multiple channels and shipping Internationally with multiple carriers.

You can say goodbye to this stressful and manual process with New Zealand’s leading online courier company, Parcelport, and their smart ‘click, stick, track & go’ system.

There is no doubt about the fact that International trade is one of the key factors to being successful in the world of eCommerce. eCommerce is said to be growing 250 per cent faster than traditional retail with global eCommerce quadrupling to US$29bn by 2021 (source:

“The ability to make your product visible Internationally is the jewel in the crown in the world of eCommerce,” says Jimmy Wu, founder and managing director of Parcelport.

 “Not only that but we are also seeing emerging markets with a lot of eCom potential for sellers located in established markets,” comments Jimmy.  “Emerging markets are looking to improve their logistics and infrastructure as their purchasing power increases.”

One strategy to capitalise on this is “for online sellers to determine which of their products that is averagely popular on their domestic market could potentially be in high demand on emerging markets,” advises Jimmy.

Another tactic would be to provide products or services at competitive prices. For example, GST-registered sellers can GST-free their listings in overseas markets.  “Subsequently they are exempt from paying GST in those countries, so Kiwi sellers will have an advantage over local merchants,” comments Jimmy.

“At Parcelport we understand the challenges that arise from running an eCom business where you are likely to be  selling on multiple channels with multiple carriers to ship items,” says Jimmy.

Parcelport’s cleverly designed International shipping system that optimizes, synchronizes, and manages your shipping operations, will save you time and money.  As a one stop hub for all your shipping  needs, with a Parcelport account you can get quotes from multiple carriers, print shipping labels and documentation as well as book, track, trace and manage your shipments under one portal.  All your orders are easily visible on your personalised portal, no matter how many carriers you are using.   You pay no monthly fee and pay only for the courier service you use.  Simplicity itself!

With a management team that has more than 60 years of International Logistics experience,  the International logistics experts at Parcelport will help you get your goods to over 220 countries around the world. This process occurs while flawlessly integrating with several popular e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and TradeMe, “Orders are seamlessly pulled directly from these eCom platforms into the Parcelport system so they are visible to you as you prepare your orders for shipment,’’ adds Jimmy

Learn how International eCommerce can benefit your online store and how Parcelport can make this journey easier by contacting Parcelport today.



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