Protect yourself from the unexpected with Hamilton based Steven Senn, Life Insurance Adviser at SHARE. Protect yourself from the unexpected with Hamilton based Steven Senn, Life Insurance Adviser at SHARE. CREDIT: Media PA

Protect yourself from the unexpected with Hamilton based Steven Senn, Life Insurance Adviser at SHARE.

Thursday 2 May 2019, 9:28AM
By Media PA

As much as we try to control it life will always have unexpected and unwanted surprises for us.

Although we can’t stop these unfortunate events from happening there are steps that we can take to minimise the impact they have on our lives.

This is where Hamilton-based Steven Senn, Life Insurance Adviser at SHARE can help.

SHARE is a New Zealand based network of financial advisers that provide a range of relevant, reliable and compliant financial advice on insurance, investments and mortgages.

“We can help in reducing or eliminating the financial stress that occurs from unexpected life events so that the affected individual/family can focus on what’s most important - getting better,” says Steven Senn, Life Insurance Adviser at SHARE

Steven is an associate adviser working alongside Neil Schroeder’s business, SHARE No8 Life, specialising in Risk based Insurances and enjoys working with rural or in town clients based throughout the Waikato.

“I sit down with clients and we work through a process to analyse and understand their level of risk and then build a financial plan using appropriate insurance products to mitigate those risks. With the end result being a paid out claim which is the ultimate purpose of having these insurances,” explains Steven.

For Steven, client care is absolutely paramount. “We are not here to simply sell insurance; we are primarily here to listen carefully to each client’s unique scenario and then focus on giving the right advice to ensure the clients are safely protected within the confines of their budget,” adds Steven.

Keeping in line with excellent standards for customer service Steven will keep in regular contact with his clients through their annual check-ups. “We do this to ensure that all our client’s covers stay correctly matched to their needs,” says Steven.   

Steven’s core values are integrity, accuracy, confidentiality, a good listener and relater with a hardwired desire to provide the very best service for every client.

Steven’s services are ideal for people between 21 and 65, home owners, first home buyers and people with high debt to asset ratio’s requiring either personal or key person covers and companies that may require a group scheme setup for their exec team and or staff.

Steven has more than 27 years of real-world business experience predominately in the IT and Mechanical Engineering industry sectors through both SME and corporate organisations. With a wealth of experience under his belt, there is no one better to have on your side than Steven Senn. 

Contact Steven Senn:
Registered Financial Advisor – RFA650729
07 929 4686
022 0929 642
290 Tristram Street, Hamilton Central
PO Box 1464, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240


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