Five Industries That Can Benefit From Leading Worldwide Industrial Equipment Company Atlas Copco New Zealand's Great Range Of Top-Quality Products. Five Industries That Can Benefit From Leading Worldwide Industrial Equipment Company Atlas Copco New Zealand's Great Range Of Top-Quality Products. CREDIT: Media PA

Five Industries That Can Benefit From Leading Worldwide Industrial Equipment Company Atlas Copco New Zealand's Great Range Of Top-Quality Products.

Monday 6 May 2019, 4:49PM
By Media PA

Five Industries That Can Benefit From Leading Worldwide Industrial Equipment Company Atlas Copco New Zealand’s Great Range Of Top-Quality Products

By Ciaran Warner

As world leaders in industrial products and solutions, Atlas Copco New Zealand provide a wide range of state-of-the-art technology to a huge number of industries, both at home and abroad. Having supplied a wide variety of top-quality equipment for many years, here are five of the many industries that rely on, and can greatly benefit from, Atlas Copco’s products and services.



With an emphasis on sustainability, systems complexity, and a higher product mix, Atlas Copco adheres to the ideals of Industry 4.0, an industrial revolution focussing on increasing productivity and minimising downtime. This concept is applied in all industries serviced by Atlas Copco, particularly in the automotive industry, where Atlas Copco provides tightening solutions and services, self-pierce riveting, adhesive dispensing, and more. These products and services are used in light and heavy vehicles alike, from trucks and buses to motorcycles and electric cars, produced with sustainability and energy-efficiency in mind.

“Atlas Copco offers a wide range of industrial products and services that support the vision of Industry 4.0. Our products are connected, flexible and build on state-of-the-art technology. We service our customers through a dedicated global network to provide a total solution for flexible productivity with the highest quality standards,” says Brian Jack, CTS Aftermarket Sales of Atlas Copco’s Hamilton branch.



Dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and combatting climate change, Atlas Copco specialise in products and solutions for sustainable energy sources, such as wind farms, around the world.

Bolt tightening equipment such as nutrunners and torque wrenches, training in bolting and joining, wind turbine tensioners, and more are provided by Atlas Copco as a means of servicing the energy industry and lessening human impact on the environment.

“We provide innovative and productive bolt tightening solutions to the energy industry. We help our customers maximize process security, reduce human and operational risk, and reduce their total investment costs,” Brian says.



Electronics are an everyday part of life for us all in the modern era, regardless of the industry we work in. Atlas Copco recognizes the fundamental importance of ensuring their range of electronic products and services meet the rapidly heightening standards of both today and tomorrow, with a wide range of solutions for industrial electronics, consumer electronics, avionics and more. Their products include microtools and smart tools, such as the Microtorque smart screwdriver, an operator-friendly smart tool that provides advanced tightening strategies and extensive data reporting, allowing all forms of electronic servicing to remain efficient and informative.


Healthcare & Medical

“When quality is crucial for life, traceability is no longer an option,” Brian says. In the medical equipment industry, impeccable quality is crucial at all times. Atlas Copco are experts on working with our clients' main challenges. When all the challenges are addressed, focus can shift to parameters like productivity enhancement, ergonomics and operator security.”

Compliant with the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR), Atlas Copco provided the minds behind the Microtorque MTF 6000 Controller, a handheld device that enables the user to customize and adapt their method of jointing and tightening, and prioritize the different means of tightening processes, an invaluable means of ensuring safety and efficiency in medical technology.


Home Appliances

Manufacturers of home appliances that most of us use every day, from washing machines and fridges to air conditioning and vacuuming, understand the inconvenience of having to go without these items due to faulty design or malfunction. Atlas Copco provide tools for low-reaction tightening useful for any number of everyday appliances - their manual, electric and pneumatic tools provide flexibility for servicing and repair, and error-proofing solutions such as sealed expanders and operator panels ensure quality control.

“As a home appliance manufacturer, you also want the first-time-right ratio in your production, safety for your operators and end-customers, few unplanned stops and total control of your assembly process. And we can help you to get it!” Brian says.




About Atlas Copco:

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Atlas Copco provides efficient and innovative industrial equipment, with over 40,000 employees and customers in over 180 countries. With a vision of “First in Mind, First in Choice,” Atlas Copco have become internationally renowned for the safety, sustainability and durability of the many different solutions and innovations they provide. Their products and services include compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools, assembly systems, and more.


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